Hello Theatre Family,

First, Thank you for your patience as we have tried to follow what is happening around the COVID-19 virus and make decisions about how to proceed with our programs.  We have been working closely with all of our staff and citywide partners to make sure were doing the best we could to respond in an appropriate fashion.  Many families depend on our programming for after school care and yet we need make sure everyone is safe.   

Due to the temporary closing of the Cambridge Public School System, at this time Beyond the 4th Wall has elected to suspend rehearsals for both Mary Poppins and Willy Wonka for the next two weeks. We feel this is in the best interest of both our students and the greater community.

We are keeping a close eye on the actions of our local government regarding this issue, and will reevaluate how we will move forward with each production.  Our goal is to resume practice and make sure the programs can continue as soon as possible.

We want the shows to go on!!

This may mean that some sort of virtual rehearsal will begin at some point but please stay tuned.  Thank you for understanding, and stay safe! 

If you have any questions or concerns please email our program manager Jackie Sooho at jackie.bt4w@gmail.com.  Thank you!

The BT4W Team
Lace Campbell- Executive Director
Jackie Soohoo- Musical Program Manager
Sophie McConkie- Education Program Manager

Plan of Action for Musicals Due to Corona Virus Outbreak

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