Grow for me

Grow for me

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Side 1 – Seymour Monologue

(Seymour has just been made partner to Mushnik, and what’s more, he was also adopted by Mushnik himself. He is in high spirits and, looking back on his hardship with raising the Audrey II, decides it has all been worthwhile. Then the unexpected happens)
Seymour: Who cares if I’ve been a little on the anemic side these past fewweeks? So what if I’ve had a few dizzy spells, a little lightheadedness. It’s been worth it, old pal. Well, Twoey. I’m a little hungry. I’m gonna run down to Shmendrik’s and get a bite to eat. I’ll see you in the… (The plant wilts suddenly) Oh, boy, here we go again. Look, I haven’t got much left. Just give me a few more days to heal, okay? Then we’ll start on the left hand again and…

Audrey II: Feed me!

Seymour: I beg your pardon?

Side 2 – Seymour Monologue
Seymour: I know you think Mr. Mushnik’s too hard on me. But, I don’t mind.After all, I owe him everything. He took me out of the Skid Row Home for Boys when I was just a little tyke. Gave me a warm place to sleep, under the counter. Nice things to eat like meatloaf and water. Floors to sweep and toilets to clean and every other Sunday off. A lotta garden clubs have been calling – asking me to give lectures – imagine me, giving lectures. I never even finished grade school. And, I know I need new clothes, Audrey, but I’m a very bad shopper. I don’t have good taste like you.”

Side 3 Audrey Monologue

(Crystal, Ronnette, and Chiffon are teasing Audrey about her poor taste in men but Audrey goes on to tell them about a little place she always dreams about in her perfect life where she could escape from Skid Row)
Audrey: Oh no. It’s just a day‐dream of mine. A little development I dream of.

Just of the Interstate. Not fancy like Levittown. Just a little street in a little suburb, far far from Urban Skid Row. The sweetest, greenest place‐ where everybody has the same little lawn out front and the same little flagstone patio out back. And all the houses are so neat and pretty… “Cause they all look just alike. Oh, I dream about it all the time. Just me. And the toaster. And a sweet little guy. Like Seymour.



Side 4 Mr. Mushnik, Seymour

(Arriving back at the shop after some interviews and an appointment with his lawyer, he is strongly under the suspicion that Seymour is behind Orin’s mysterious disappearance and is almost interrogating Seymour)
Mushnik: I had a pretty strange afternoon, son. After my lawyer’s appointment,I was called to the police station. Yes. It seems they made routine investigation into the disappearance of this motorcycle dentist. And when they did‐ It seems they found a Mushnik’s Skid Row Florists bag… In… His… OFFICE!

Seymour: What’s that supposed to mean?

Mushnik: Exactly what I asked myself, Seymour. And then I began to think about certain things I’ve noticed around here. Little red dots all over the linoleum!

Side 5 Mr. Mushnik Monologue
(Mushnik runs a flower shop in the city – where no one ever seems to buy flowers anymore. Today, one of his employees, Audrey, comes into work late, with a black eye that he doesn’t

notice until midlecture.)

Mushnik: So, she finally comes to work. Don’t tell me good morning, what morning? It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. Not that we had a customer. Who has customers when you run a flower shop on Skid Row? Audrey, you better go back there and see what Seymour’s… Audrey, where did you get that shiner? Audrey, that greasy boyfriend of yours – he’s been beating on you again? Look, I know it’s none of my business, but I’m beginning to think he’s maybe not such a nice boy…

Side 6 Orin Scrivello (Dentist) , Audrey

(Orin has arrived at the shop to pick up Audrey for their date when he gets his first glance at the newly famous Audrey II. He sees the potential and takes it upon himself to pursuade Seymour to take the plantto bigger and better places than Mushnik’s Skid Row Florist)
Orin: Well, if I were you I sure as hell wouldn’t keep it under a barrel down in aSkid Row dump like this. This avocado here could be you ticket to the stars. You could take it to any florist shop in town and name your price. Hell, Somebody’d make you a goddam partner to get their hands on this.

Audrey: Seymour’s very loyal.

Orin: (Suddenly very hostile) Somebody talking to you?



Side 7 Orin Scrivello Monologue
Orin: The gas isn’t for you, Seymour. It’s for me. You see, I want to really enjoythis. In fact, I’m going to use my special gas mask! I find a little giggle gas before I begin increases my pleasure enormously. Here we go! Oh, Seymour, I’m flying! The things I’m going to do with that mouth! (Sees the gun) What the hell is that? A gun? The kid’s got a damn revolver! I’m in trouble now, huh? Wait till I turn this gas off. Give me a hand, would you? No, I guess you wouldn’t, would you? I could asphyx What’d I ever do to you?
Audrey: What Seymour’s trying to say, Mr. Mushnik, is … Well, we’ve talked about it and we both agree . . . (confidentially,to SEYMOUR) Seymour, why don’t you run in back and bring out that strange and interesting new plant you’ve been working on? (SEYMOUR exits up R.) You see, Mr. Mushnik, some of those exotic plants Seymour has been tinkering around with are really unusual and we were both thinking that maybe some of his strange and interesting plants- prominently displayed and advertised- would attract business.

Mushnik: A hundred dollars-worth? Yes sir! Right away, sir. Audrey, my darling, kindly fetch this gentleman one hundred dollars worth of our very finest red American Beauty roses! (Audrey presents the pathetic bundle to the Customer.) Customer: [Briefly considers pathetic roses] Thank you very much. (He moves to the door, then turns.) Yes sir. That is one strange and interesting plant.


Crystal, Audrey, Ronnette scene

Crystal: Well look who’s here.
Audrey: Hi Crystal, Hi Ronnette, Hi Chiffon. Am I late? Did I miss it?
Ronnette: Sure Are.
Chiffon: And sure did.
Audrey: Seymour’s first radio broadcast, I wanted to cheer him on. I tried to be on time but…..
Crystal: Don’t Tell Me
Three Girls: You got tied up.
Audrey: No. Just…handcuffed…..a little.
Ronnette: Girl, I don’t know who this mess is you hangin out with, but he is sure hazardous to your health.

Chiffon: (handing the can back to CRYSTAL) It’s right over there. But if you’re like the thousands of others flocking down to see the Audrey Two, you better come back tomorrow, man. This shop is closed today. (She slaps CRYSTAL’s hand and squeals gleefully.) Ooooh, took his dollar!

Orin: I’m not here to buy posies, girls. I’m here to pick up my date.
Crystal: (eyeing him) Your date?
Chiffon: (with a glance to CRYSTAL) You ain’t by any chance talkin’ about a girl with a black eye?
Crystal: And several other medical problems?
Orin: As a matter of fact …
(Suddenly, the GIRLS descend upon him full-force)
Girls: (shouted; Ad. Lib) That’s him! That’s the one! Who do you think you are, treating her that way? Get outa here and don’t come back! Beat it! Get lost! (Etc.) Ronnette: (Spinninghimaroundtofaceher)Yo!
Orin: Ladies! Ladies! Please! I’m friendly! Truce! Peace!




MRS. LUCE : (to SEYMOUR) My darling, my precious, my sweet, sweet thing. Sodelighted to make your acquaintance. Cutie… sweetness… Seymour… babydoll… I’m sure you know me – the editor’s wife. We want your face on the December third issue cover of Life Magazine! Its an honor we so seldom grant. We will send someone down, let’s say Thursday for shots of you and your beautiful plant!SKIP SNIP (Fast Talking William Morris Ad Man)
SKIP SNIP: So this is Seymour Krelborn. We’ve been trying to reach you, baby. Have your phones been busy! Did you get our telegram?… No?… Well, it’s a good thing I came down here in person. Pleased to meet you, kid. Skip Snip. William Morris Agency…I am sure the pleasure will be all yours! We want our firm to represent you. We want to book you on lecture tours, college campuses, Rotary Clubs….the kinda bookings my office can do….show the plant…talk…answer questions…it’s educational…lucrative too.PATRICK MARTIN (Another fast talking sleazy opportunist from World Botanical Enterprises)Crystal: That’s him Mr. Martin. He’s right in there.
Patrick Martin: Thanks sweetheart. (slips her $5) Wait for Me….Krelborn? Seymore Krelborn? Patrick Martin, Licensing and Marking Division, World Botanical Enterprises. I have got a gilt edge proposition for you….Let me explain in more detail (pulls out contract)…It’s a very simple licensing deal. We take leaf cuttings, develop little Audrey Twos and sell them to florists across the nation! Pretty soon, every household in America will have one. Now I’ve got a truck waiting outside and some pots. If you don’t mind, we’ll start taking cuttings right now. Imagine boy, Audrey Twos everywhere! Why, with the right advertising, this could be bigger than hula hoops….. Okay, girls… All you have to do is snip some of the smaller leaves and replant them in these pots. The truck’s waiting outside. (calling outside, with great importance) Open the van, boys! We’re ready to start loading