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Join Us for Fall Classes 2019!

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Classes in acting, singing and dancing available for ages 4 through 12!

Where: The Graham and Parks School-11 Linnaean street

When: Saturdays from 1pm-3pm – Starts Sept. 14 – Show Dec. 14

  1. Young Stars – ages-4-6- Saturdays 2-3pm

  2. Rising Stars – ages 7-9 Saturdays 1-3pm

  3. Shining Stars – ages 10-12 – Saturdays 1-3pm

We need your help with sets and costumes!

We are no longer able to use the space we had with the Cambridge Public School District to build sets and store costumes. While moving out of the space, due to miscommunication on our part, we lost all of our costumes and set materials.

This means that we have to rent both sets and most costumes.

This is a great expense we are not used to and must ask for the help of our community to get this done.

We are asking that you donate at any level you feel is appropriate.

This year, your donation will greatly impact in the experience we are able to offer students so your help is needed more than ever before.

Thank you in advance for your support.